Small Groups

A core aspect of Highland Park is community life throughout the week. Dig deeper into your faith and connect with others as we grow together.

Current as of March 2018.


Adult Small Group – Barrhaven – 7pm, biweekly
This group uses a Bible study to begin deeper talks about personal challenges,  followed by a time of focused prayer for each other.


50+ Small Group – Church Building – 10:30am-12pm (bi-weekey)
This group meets weekly at the church and begins with an extended prayer time.

Water or Wine Small Group – Richmond Road – 8:00-10pm
This group takes place at a pub, is open to all and occurs bi-weekly.


Couples’ Small Group  – 7:30 am
This group meets in the morning for breakfast and occurs weekly at Kirkwood Ave.

Rotating- Monthly

Family Small Group –  Nepean –  Scheduled after each meeting
This group meets monthly and is aimed at giving parents the chance to talk about the blessings and challenges of family life

For more info on small groups, contact Pastor Gerry at